Moselle meeting place

Enjoy the typical specialties of the Moselle region and bring the day to a pleasant close with a wine tasting at the vineyards. A boat trip on the Moselle will afford unforgettable views of the viticultural landscape. A weekend that’s perfect for getting to know the Moselle region, for groups, families or just the two of you.


Booking time: at least 21 days before departure
Number of participants: from 2 people
Bookable: from Easter to October



  1. 2 x nights with breakfast
  2. 1 x 3 course menu
  3. Wine tasting of 4 wines (up to 4 people tray with wines)
  4. 1 x Traditional food from the Moselle
  5. Boat trip to Bernkastel-Kues and back or climbing in the Mosel Adventure Forest (3 hours)

price per person

category double room single room
middle class hotel 203,00 € (from) 216,00 € (from)
comfort hotel 245,00 € (from) 280,00 € (from)