Frequently asked questions

Where can I find the tourist information?

The Tourist information is situated on the side of Traben next to the bus stops.

Tourist-Information Traben-Trarbach
Am Bahnhof 5
D-56841 Traben-Trarbach
Tel: 0049 65 41 - 8 39 80

Where are the public toilets?

You can find public toilets next to the tourist Information and in the Aacher Straße in Traben. There are public toilets next to the Mittelmosel museum in Trarbach.


Where can I buy tickets for guided tours?

Tickets can be bought at the online ticket shop or at the tourist information. Group tours can be booked with the tourist information directly. We offer different themed guided walks and wine tastings.

Who offers wine tastings?

Most of our vintners offer wine tastings. We are happy to help you to find a suitable wine tasting for individual travellers and groups.


Where can I find restaurants?

We have put together a list of restaurants. If you are travelling with a group, please contact us and we can find a suitable restaurant for your group.


Where can I find the post office?

You can buy stamps from the tourist information in Traben or in the post office "Burg" in Trarbach. There are post boxes in the post office and near the tourist Information.


Where is the pedestrian area?

There is a small pedestrian area in Trarbach - the Brückenstraße.


Is there a walk from Traben-Trarbach to Bernkastel?

You can walk to Bernkastel on the signposted T6 (app. 5,5km) or the Mosel-Camino (app. 8km).

Where is the train station and where do the trains go to?

The train station is in the heart of Traben. Trains depart to Bullay hourly. In Bullay you get connections to trains to Trier and Koblenz.


How can I book accomodations?

The tourist information is happy to assist you with booking enquiries.

Tourist-Information Traben-Trarbach
Am Bahnhof 5
D-56841 Traben-Trarbach
Tel: 0049 65 41 - 8 39 80

How are the connections by bus?

There are several bus connections daily to Bernkastel-Kues and Bullay. During high season the Regio-Radler connects the Moselle.

How can I get to the airport Hahn?

The distance to the "Mosel-Airport" Frankfurt-Hahn is 18 km. By taxi you can reach the airport within 20 minutes (costs app. 40 Euro).

How can I get to the Grevenburg and when is the castle restaurant open?

There is a 25 minute walk up to the ruin. From Traben go over the bridge and turn left. After 100m you reach a steep path signposted to the ruin.
By car follow the Schottstraße in Trarbach and follow the signposts.

What is a "Straußwirtschaft"?

"Straußwirtschaft" are local vineries which offer wine and small regional dishes. Opening times are usually during high season. You can get the "Straußwirtschafts" passport at the tourist information.

Where and when do the boats departure?

Boats departure from both sides of Trabe-Trarbach. You can get tickets directly at the platforms. The most common route is from Traben-Trarbach to Bernkastel-Kues (app. 2 hours) with stops in Traben-Trarbach/ Wolf, Kröv, Kinnheim, Ürzig, Zeltingen-Rachtig, Wehlen, Graach, Bernkastel-Kues. Prices, times and more routes are available from the Personen-Schifffahrt Gbr. Kolb. We organize group bookings.

We are a band, gastronomy company or traders and want to apply for an event in Traben-Trarbach. How do we do that?

If you are interested in participating in an event in Traben-Trarbach, please send us an email with your details.


If you are interested in a stall at the Christmas market, please download the application pack and send it to us.