All about wine

Our world-famous Moselle wine is your perfect holiday companion and you will soon come to love this tangy juice of the vine. Our unrivalled vineyards, like majestic amphitheatres, are unique and the stunning steep slate slopes make the hearts of wine lovers beat faster. When you visit Traben-Trarbach, taste the different wines from the Königsberg, Kräuterhaus, Würzgarten, Burgberg, Schlossberg, Taubenhaus, Ungsberg and Hühnerberg vineyards.

Riesling - the queen of white wine

The “queen of the white vine”, the Riesling, has been grown on the rivers Moselle, Saar and Ruwer since the Middle Ages. Today, around 60 percent of all vineyards grow this variety. The grapes ripen late and produce delicately fruity, racy and elegant wines which reflect the character of their terroir like no other white wines. The versatile Riesling grape produces wines of many flavours and qualities. Depending on the specific character of the wine, this is how they are classified: table wine, vin ordinaire, quality wine psr and special quality wine.