Trarbach’s Museum Row

Traben-Trarbach is widely recognized as a remarkable cultural jewel on the Mosel. The Museum Row in Trarbach has contributed significantly to this reputation. The Middle Mosel Museum, the House of Icons and the renovated City Tower with its carillon form a compact cultural-historical center on the historical square next to the City Tower – an ideal place to visit for all guests interested in local history and culture on the Mosel. 

Middle Mosel Museum

This splendid patrician house, which was spared by the city fire of 1857, was built around 1755 by the wealthy merchant and state cashier Johann Adolf Böcking.

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Buddha Museum

In Traben-Trarbach, directly along the Mosel River, in the building of a former winery, which have the world's only Art Nouveau in December 2009 nearby 2,000 Buddhas (including and distant relatives, as Arhats and Bodhisattvas) come together in the long term, giving the in this general prevailing wine aficionados an unexpected, novel accent.

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Join us for an entertaining journey through time!
You can immerse into old times in our extensively restored former ballroom of the “Haus am Stadtturm”, which was re-opened in 2017 – offering something interesting for everybody!

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House of Icons

The House of Icons preserves the legacy and lifework of one of the most important iconographers of “modern icons” in Western Europe.

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Old town tower

The historical City Tower, which was restored in 2004, is by far the most impressive remnant of the medieval city fortification of Trarbach.

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